RedSys at the press server editorial

Organizing activity in an editorial team
A typical editorial office of a press server consists of several (within the largest press servers several dozen) editors, who regularly prepare news, articles, reviews, pictures and so on. To manage such a team of creative people (who are generally not in favour of rules and order) without a professional editorial system can be a superhuman task.

RedSys offers a solution that will not limit creativity of authors while establishing rules and order. The system is based on so-called approval processes, which ensure that each new article goes through all the default levels of checking (for example correction of content, language, approval of editor-in-chiefs or editorial board etc.).

Scheduling of article publishing
A typical editorial office needs to work out a schedule and prepare content of individual issues in advance. This also applies to Internet press servers. As a matter of fact it is undesirable to release 12 articles on Monday, which cannot be absorbed by many readers and for the rest of week only offer the Monday issue.

RedSys offer the possibility of fixing a schedule for the release of every single article in accordance with the editorial department needs. You are not limited to date, as it is possible to set the time, therefore, nothing can stop you from releasing a newspaper at 8 a.m. It is not a problem even in the case of holidays - just fix a term for publishing in advance and then a whole team of editors can relax on holiday.

Mobility - the possibility of using system even while travelling
A typical editorial office of a press server needs to provide editors with the potential for working from a report site. The success of the press depends on fast acting; it is unacceptable for an editor to write a report after he returns from an exhibition or conference. However, to write a report in a text editor and send it to an editorial office for processing can be rather uncomfortable.

The RedSys editorial system solves this problem thanks to its platform that enables the installation of the client part of the application into the notebooks of mobile editors. The report is then created off-line on the spot using all the advantages of the system. After finishing the report you just get connected to the Internet and send it by clicking one button! RedSys will provide the rest. And if you really need hot news coverage, approval exception can be assigned, so the news sent is published immediately.

RedSys' functions: